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Mohafiz Junior Magazine: Where Learning is Fun and Creativity Takes Flight!

Does your child get sucked into a screen vortex every afternoon? Are you worried they're passively consuming information instead of actively engaging with the world? If so, you're not alone. In today's digital age, keeping kids curious and inspired can feel like an uphill battle.

But what if there was a way to offer a refreshing alternative? Introducing Mohafiz Junior Magazine, a monthly publication designed to be the ultimate companion for curious young minds!

Crafted with the aim of providing a platform where young minds can engage with quality media, educational articles, scientific experiments, poetry, brain teasers, and more, Mohafiz Junior Magazine is more than just entertainment. It's a space where children can not only consume but also contribute, making it truly their own. Each issue features a unique theme, from the vibrant colours of Eid in our first edition to the awe-inspiring universe coming up next month. This variety keeps things fresh and exciting, ensuring there's always something new to discover.

But the Magazine isn't just about exploration; it's about empowerment. Kids can unleash their inner artist or writer by submitting their work for publication. They can erupt volcanoes and unravel science mysteries in our "Let's Get Scientific" section or become mini world explorers through age-appropriate news articles in "What's Happening Around the World?" 

But wait, there's more! Our magazine offers a delicious twist on learning with easy-to-follow recipes in "Serve and Savour." Kids can whip up healthy treats and learn valuable life skills in the kitchen. We don't stop at fun, though! The magazine even explores social responsibility with sections such as "Fashion with a Conscience," teaching children about ethical clothing choices and the importance of sustainable practices.

In a world saturated with screens, Mohafiz Junior Magazine offers a powerful alternative. Knowledge of world and climate issues, health and history come together to help nurture critical thinking, creativity, and social responsibility. It is by starting early that we can empower the next generation to become problem-solvers, compassionate citizens and environmental stewards. 

Through Mohafiz Junior Magazine, we aim to hone our readers' burgeoning imagination and curiosity, and spark conversations about science, art, first aid and sustainability. It's not just about enriching your child's present, but cultivating the seeds of a safer tomorrow.

Subscribe to our magazine today and witness your child's growth!  You're not just nurturing their curiosity, you're investing in a better tomorrow for them, and for the world they'll inherit. Remember, by supporting our Magazine, you're also contributing to a brighter future for underprivileged children through our educational outreach programs. For every sale, a portion will go towards funding workshops to be conducted at underprivileged schools, empowering young minds with knowledge and inspiration. We can build a world where a safer, brighter tomorrow is realised, one young mind at a time! For more information regarding subscription or buying magazines please contact us on

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