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Teachers' First Aid Training

We believe that teachers are the first line of defence in case of emergencies arising in a school setting. To prepare them for any such occurrence, we offer elaborate teachers trainings in first aid. The emergencies covered are the ones that most frequently occur at schools. This training module has been tailor made for teachers and includes everything from prevention to mitigation. This certified course has proven to be very effective with our clients and has been reported to be a huge success.

Total number of workshops - 1

Workshop hours - 3hr 

Students' First Aid Training

Our aim is to create a sense of responsibility in children from a young age while also training them in first aid for different emergencies. But we do it while having fun. Children love colours, as do we! We have created a creative learning program for children aged 6-15 that utilized audio and visual tools to train children in first aid. We make use of story telling, songs and other activities to not only train children in first aid but also inculcate moral values in them. 

Total number of workshops - 6

Workshop hours - 1hr 20mins

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High School First Aid Training

We are striving for a safer future at Mohafiz Junior. With our program, we target children of all age groups but have especially focused first aid trainings for high school children. We believe that every individual should be capable of not only identifying emergencies but should also be able to cater to them. To that end, we have created an extensive first aid training program tailor made to the needs of young adults. The cherry on top for this is, the community service credits received upon completion of this certified course.


Total number of workshops - 1

Workshop hours - 4hr 30 min 

Parents' First Aid Training

Children are prone to accidents that require immediate action else they could result in fatalities. For this reason, we have created an elaborate trainings program for parents in first aid. This program touches on all aspects of the commonly occurring emergencies and how parents can create a safer environment for children. 

Total number of workshops - 1

Workshop hours - 3hr 


For Societies & Businesses

With an aim to make all spaces, safe spaces we offer our services to societies and businesses as well. We offer our first aid trainings as a part of their wellness program. This program focuses on training individuals in the recognition of emergencies and trains them in mitigation steps.

Why Mohafiz Junior?

8 Years

Of Experience

The team has hands-on experience in catering to emergencies thus are well equipped with the knowledge of best practices followed as emergency protocol.


Individuals Trained

Since launch in August 2022, Mohafiz Junior has successfully trained over 800+ individuals from all age groups in first aid.


Positive Feedback

Received from our partner schools & clients!


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