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More About Mohafiz Junior

At Mohafiz Junior we serve the human kind. As a means to serve our purpose, we train the future generation in first aid. To solve a problem, one should be able to recognize it first. For this reason, our holistic approach not only trains individuals to cater to emergencies but also teaches them to recognize risk factors that may potentially lead to emergencies. We are constantly working towards inclusivity. To that end, we are improving and expanding on our best practices to serve a wider demographic.


Our History

Humanetek - Mohafiz

Humanetek Pvt Ltd was founded in 2015 to build and operate Mohafiz, a  provider of holistic end-to-end life support services and an aggregator for acute emergencies. We aim to become the first-choice intimation mechanism for critical life support services.

We recognised an evident problem within the country. Over 6.2 Billion individuals do not have access to, or are aware of efficient 911 services, while many do not have any services at all. There have been many cases where the family members are the last people to find out when a loved one has faced an emergency. A question arises as to what is an efficient way for citizens to deal with emergencies? 

Well, Mohafiz is the answer!

On the day of the APS Attack, a commitment was made to make Pakistan safer and better for the people who live here. That commitment became Mohafiz. With over 10,000 lives saved, a field presence in 5 major cities of Pakistan and a 24/7 ops room operating to arrange support for anyone going through an emergency across all 361 cities of Pakistan. Mohafiz has now expanded to Egypt, Kenya and Argentina where we aim to Mohafiz is deliver on our promises. 

What Mohafiz has done so far


Lives Saved


Women Protected


Registered Volunteers


Why did we start Mohafiz Junior?

Pakistan, being a developing country, has its health infrastructure under a tremendous amount of pressure. With the exception of 1122, whose services are limited to Punjab only, there is a limited access to emergency services all across the country.


Every day, in the federal capital alone, an approximate of 1100 people face situations that land them in the emergency rooms.

The condition is much worse in the only true metropolitan city of Pakistan - Karachi, where over 60% of people don’t even make it to the hospital on time. 

This reality is not just scary, its dark. 

With this extensive program, we aim to create a nation where every individual in every street is trained in first aid.


By empowering children, we are not only training resources to secure today, but we are breeding change. We are nurturing and empowering the future towards a safety conscious Pakistan.

Data Center


Students trained in first aid


School partnerships


Positive response and impact

How we do it?

By training students, teachers, parents, and all members of society in First Aid.

We have created an elaborate program that utilises the art of storytelling and audio visual tools appropriate for our primary target audience. The program aims to not only train our children in first aid but to also instill good samaritan qualities within them. This program will be launched in partner schools through conduction of workshops at time intervals best suited to the school's schedule.

Our programs involves the students, teachers as well as the parents to make sure all parties are well equipped with the knowledge of First Aid and can handle any emergency they may come across.

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Our Impact

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