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From Rushing In to Finding Inspiration: My First Workshop with Mohafiz Junior

The alarm clock's silence that morning was a rude awakening for me. As a new intern at Mohafiz Junior, I was already nervous about my first workshop, and now I was running late. Rushing through the unfamiliar streets, I questioned everything. Would this workshop be worthwhile? Would I just be showing up to be bored?

Arriving at the bustling public school, I felt even more lost. The sheer size of the building was overwhelming, and finding the team felt like navigating a maze. Thankfully, I managed to catch up, and my initial anxieties began to melt away as I stepped into the classroom.

Instead of the unruly crowd I'd envisioned, I was greeted by 50 curious and energetic sixth-grade boys. Their smiles and eager participation shattered my preconceived notions. Witnessing their thirst for knowledge, especially for something as seemingly basic as first-aid, ignited a sense of purpose within me.

The approach to education was unlike anything I'd seen before. Embracing the power of music in learning. To help students remember the steps for treating nosebleeds, they had created a catchy song. Initially hesitant, the students eventually joined in, and the melody ended up stuck in my head long after the workshop. This experience highlighted not only the organisation's creativity and effectiveness in making learning fun and memorable, but also how music can act as a powerful tool for engagement and knowledge retention, leaving a lasting impression on young minds.

However, the most significant realisation came during the session on bites and stings. A student casually mentioned a snake entering their classroom once. This seemingly ordinary statement painted a vivid picture of the realities these children faced daily. Their eagerness to learn coexisted with a vulnerability in their environment, highlighting the crucial role Mohafiz Junior played in equipping them with the knowledge and skills to navigate such challenges.

The workshop transcended merely teaching first-aid. While witnessing the students' eagerness to learn was truly inspiring, it also shed light on a stark reality. Their lack of baseline knowledge about crucial first-aid measures like treating nosebleeds, combined with the mention of a snake entering their classroom, or what should be done in case of an earthquake, revealed the deprived circumstances many of these children face. Their thirst for knowledge and willingness to engage, despite living in potentially dangerous environments lacking basic resources, highlighted the crucial role Mohafiz Junior plays in bridging this gap and empowering them with essential skills for their well-being.For these young minds, the true benefit lies not just in knowing how to use bandages and antiseptics, but in the empowerment that comes with knowledge and confidence for unforeseen situations.

Leaving the workshop, I wasn't just the flustered intern who arrived late. I was transformed. My initial anxieties were replaced by an overwhelming sense of purpose. Witnessing firsthand the transformative power of Mohafiz Junior and the unwavering enthusiasm of the children they served ignited a passion for service within me. This wasn't just a workshop; it was a spark, igniting a desire to be part of something truly meaningful, and I found myself constantly smiling on the way back, looking forward to being a part of something like this again.

Inspired by my experience and the impactful work of Mohafiz Junior, I encourage anyone interested in bringing this program to their school to reach out via email to Let's work together to empower young minds with the knowledge and skills they need for a brighter future!

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