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Creating a Safer Tomorrow

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Mohafiz Junior’s mission is to create a generation of Pakistanis that will not only care about others but will also be equipped with the ability to help others. This generation will be able to understand the facets and dangers of everyday life and will be able to meet them with determination. Children are the future of a country and we at Mohafiz Junior are striving to enable that future to become the flag bearers of kindness, empathy, and service within Pakistan.

Our Workshops

First Aid Trainings for schools

Teacher first aid training - Mohafiz Junior
Student First Aid Training - Mohafiz Junior
Parent first Aid training - Mohafiz Junior

First Aid Training

First Aid Workshop

First Aid Training

Creative teaching - Mohafiz junior


What services do you offer?

We specialise in children’s first aid trainings and carry out elaborate workshops for children aged 6-18. Other services offered include first aid workshops tailored to the requirements of parents and teachers.

Where are you operating?

We are currently only based in Islamabad and Karachi but we will be swiftly expanding to other major cities of Pakistan.

How can I get in touch with you?

To get in contact, drop us a message on our socials or you can email us at 

We are very responsive on all of our communication mediums!

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